What people wrote to their car insurances

"The other car was completely invisible, then it disappeared."

"The other car collided with mine without telling me its intention."

"I ran a man over. He admitted he was gulity because this had happened to him before."

"When my car got off the road, I was thrown out. Later, a couple of cows found me in my hole."

"At the crossroads, I had an unforeseen attack of color blindness."

"Besides, I've been driving accident-free before my accident and after my last one."

"When I got home, I took a wrong dirction and hit a tree that was not there before."

"When I tried to hit the brakes, they weren't there."

"My car just went straight ahead, which will always lead to an exit in a curve."

"Our cars collided just when they met."

"Despite breaking and rolling over, I caught up with the other vehicle and damaged the car's left wing."

"I drove beside the meadow. Suddenly several vehicles came from left and right. I didn't know where to go anymore, and then it crashed in the front and back."

"The pedestrian ran into me and disappeared wordlessly under my car."